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Mikurigaike Onsen's Dormitory

dormitory Our shared rooms have convenient facilities like private curtains/reading lights and outlets. Those are suitable even for those who stay at mountain lodge for the first time.
It costs 10,800yen per person year-round.
(with dinner/breakfast and hot spring tax included)
Would you like to stay at the mountain lodge with hot spring bath?

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Hot spring located in the highest alititude in Japan.

The highest Onsen in Japan

Mikurigaike Onsen is located in Murodo-daira and it's the highest altitude hot spring in Japan (2410m).
The bath is separated by gender.
Although we don't have open-air bath, majestic scenery of mountains can be seen from the big windows.
Day trip onsen: Opens from 9:00 - 16:00
Price : Adult 1,000 JPY

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Restaurant Cafe Mikuri Shop

We have restaurant, cafe and shop selling our lodge's original goods and some other outdoor products from Mont-bell.
We have Toyama's local seafood dishes menu and blueberry soft serve ice cream, original pizza etc.


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