Mikurigaike Onsen

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The term of open

2018 This season
Open from April 15th.to November 24th. in this season.

Our lodge is located on altitude 2410m, for that reason the air is thin also lowatomospheric pressure so please get in shape and come here.
Please go to see your family doctor once if you have a chronic desease such as heart disease,diabetes,high blood pressure or plegnant.

How to Reservation

Online Reservation

English pages available.
The communication environment has not been enogh yet here in Tateyama, and we have difficultiy in communicating by E-mail. Besides we speak English little.
So we strongly recommend you to book this Online Reservation.
You can also reserve our lodge via internet sites: Jalan, Rakuten-travel, JAPANiCAN.
If you expect payment with the cash,please book via JAPANiCAN.

TEL:(+81)76-463-1441 (6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.)


Dormitory or Private Room
Dormitory for Unisex or Wemen's Only 9,300 JPY / per person
Private Room(2-6 person per room) 9,300 - 14,200 JPY / per person
About Rates
Dinner and breakfast(Buffet Style) are included.
Adding to charges, bath-tax is levied (JPY 150).
The amount of charges per person will vary depeinging on how many people stay the night in one room.
Accommodation fee for child
・Accommodation fee for child will be 80% for Adult. You can choose Adult's meal or Kid's meal.
・If you use set of Futon for infant, it will be same fee as a child.
・If you lie down with your infant(without Futon for infant)it will be as follows.
  (In any case, buffet breakfast is included.)
  With dinner : 2,160 JPY
  Without dinner : 860 JPY(as a charge for facilities)

About Payment

We does NOT accept credit card payment at the reception.
Online payment by credit card is available on this online reservation system.

Cancellation Fee

Cancellation fee will be differ from the number of the party wheather it is more than 9 or less.

In the case of less than 9.
7-2days before arrival: 20% of total amount
1 day before arrival: 50% of total amount
On the date of arrival: 100% of total amount
Without notification in advance: 100% of total amount

Those party which is over 9,please ask the details to our lodge.