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Dormitory for Unisex or for Women's Only

Dormitory for Unisex, for Women's Only

くまごろうOur lodge's dormitory rooms have convenient facilities for guests and even for those who stay at the mountain lodge for the first time.

Dormitory for Unisex, for Women's OnlyAlthough one room can accommodate 8 people, each space has private curtain that is useful for women to change clothes and have a good sleep for everyone. For those who stay with group or family, you can have fun time chatting and sleeping next to each other.

Every guest can have one set of Futon each, even in high season.
You can have a good sleep for an early start.

Dormitory for Unisex, for Women's OnlyEach space has outlet that you can charge your phone or tablet devices. (Please bring battery charger and plugs with you)

You can also use a reading light to read maps or books in your space.

くまごろう Meals menus are the same for all the guests.

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