Mikurigaike Onsen

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Bath amenities Bath amenities Limited face towel : 150 JPY
Bath towel : 150 JPY (for rent)
Yukata (Japanese bathrobe) : 150 JPy (for rent)
Tooth brush : 50 JPY
Razer : 200 JPY
*DAY USE fee is diffelent, please check this page.
Smorking Smoking Smoking is prohibited inside the building.
Please smoke in smoking area at the north side of the 1st floor.
( open 24 hours)
Rest room Rest room There are rest rooms on both sides of the building.
There are Japanese style and Western style.
Please do not sit directly on a Japanese style toilet, but squat down astride the bowl facing the hood.
Please do not forget that toilet bowl is flushed after use.
Free Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi You can use free Wi-Fi around reception desk, cafe and restaurant.
SSID : Tateyama_Kurobe_free_Wi-Fi
Password : no password
We are sorry, you can't use in rooms.
Coin locker Coin locker We have two coin lockers in the building.(It costs 100 JPY.)
Luggage space Luggage space Backpacks or large bags→Near by window in the restaurant.
Please attach your name tag to your luggages.
There are name tags next to the reception.
Shoes locker Shoes locker Please put your footwear into shoes locker at the drying room. (free)
Please keep shoes locker key by yourself to prevent from getting mix up.
Drying Room Drying room Please use Drying room next to the reception.
If you hung your raincoat on hangers, please attatch a tag to it which your name are written on it.
please take it when it's dried
Drinking water and hot water Drinking water and hot water There are in the restaurant near the entrance of reception side.
The tap water in the building is also drinkable.
Vending machine Vending machine Entrance : non-alcoholic drinks, beer etc.
The corridor in front of hot spring bath: beer etc.
*We ask for your cooperation in separating the trashes.
Lunch box It is 860 JPY(tax included. Bread and etc.)

Please apply box meal for tomorrow morning (instead of breakfast) or box meal for lunch until 17:00 at reception.
Valuables Valuables Please deposit your valuables to the reception.(6:00-20:00)
We can keep wallet and other valuables at reception.
Cooking Room Cooking Room We don't have cooking room.
Lugguage and transport services Lugguage and transport services We are sorry that we don't have these services.
It takes about 15 minutes walk of a stone-paved road and steps from Murodo terminal. It is not suitable to carry suit cases or large lugguages.

Hot spring facirities

Hot spring Hot spring We have fine view indoor bathes separated by gender.
Although these are not open air bathes, fine view of Mt.Dainichi can be seen from the big windows.
Soaps About soaps Face lotion is not available.
Body soap and shampoo are provided at the communal bathing facilities.
Guests are asked to help conserve water by using less soap and rinsing less than usual.
Shower Shower There are two taps and three showers in the bath area.
Please use them by mutual concessions.
Hair dryer Hair dryer There are two hair dryers at the hand basin near the bathroom of the north side.
Locker Locker We have the lockers those are can be locked in the dressing room.(free)
The large luggages those cannot be put in the locker, please put them in the restaurant by the window.