Mikurigaike Onsen

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About Alpine Route

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About more details, please check Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route.

From Murodo to our lodge

Area map

It takes about 15 minutes walk from Murodo terminal to Mikurigaike-Onsen.
The way to here is stone-paved road and there are some steps and up-and down.

The snow spread out outside the Murodo terminal in April and May.
You will walk on a snowy road and we strongly reccommend you to prepare boots with firm sole and winter coats.
Please note that depending on the weather it might be blizzard in this season.
There is a possibility of snowy after end of September.
Please take precautions against the cold after middle of October.

Example of equipment
-Knitted cap, beanie
-thick gloves
-winter coat
-alpine boots
More informations... Please look at about clothes in a FAQ page.

Our building stands on out of delivery service area.
Postal delivery service also can't available.
Please take your luggages by yourself by reducing it as littele as possible and using the backpack.